I want to talk about certainty.

If you have a passion, a creative pursuit, an ambition that wakes you up in the morning, then you are lucky and deserving of the rewards you receive for the hard work it takes to accomplish that goal and pursue that passion. You have certainty in your purpose. I happen to have several, and none alone have proven to be that elusive, romantic One True Purpose. But this is an advantage to me, just as certainty in one field is an advantage to many.

If you'd like to work with someone who's narrow in their focus and an expert in one area, I wouldn't blame you. I can recommend many. If you are like me, curious about too many things to choose just one at a time, or curious about my particular combo-platter of interests, then: Hello.

I am not certain of what will make me money or make me happy next year or next week, but I have certainty in one thing: Life is too short not to make cool shit.

My promises stay kept, my work will always be the best I can produce, and my art will reflect it's commissioner's needs. My clients to date have been thrilled with their custom Soundwave Art, promotional videos, and music reviews on A Feedback Loop. I'm not stopping there, but hopefully you stopped here to see what else I'm up to and maybe want to work together.




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